• Erwin Yulianto Universitas Langlangbuana


Rukun Warga (RW) is an institution established through deliberations with local communities in order to do government and community administration service defined by the government of village or kelurahan. Rukun Warga has an important role in maintaining and preserving the values of community life based on mutual cooperation and kinship to improve people's welfare. This research took place at RT/RW 10, Kp. Sukamanah, Ds. Soreang, Kec. Soreang, Kab. Bandung. Constraints experienced by the chairman of the RW in carrying out its duties collide with its obligations as the head of the family who must earn a living for his family so that service to the public can only be given in the afternoon until the evening or holiday. The purpose of this research is to create a communication media that can facilitate the delivery of information, news, announcements to citizens effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, from the side of the residents can also send complaints, needs, aspirations, suggestions, and ideas directly to the chairman of the RW. The system development method used is a prototype model with steps such as user requirement identification, prototyping development, system encoding, and system testing. The output from this research is the implementation of SMS Gateway API on RW communication media. With this solution, it is expected to help residents of RT/RW 10, Kp. Sukamanah to deliver the needs and give criticism, ideas, suggestions and information at RT/RW 10 environment in realtime so the needs and aspirations of citizens immediately can be followedup.


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